Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Why is there a pill in the bed?"

Just when I thought Dingle's crotch was back to normal it turns out it wasn't.

Dingle is on Clavamox, an antibiotic, as we believe he may have an infection causing discharge of the penis. Gross, I know.

So Dingle has been on Clavamox since last week.

A few days ago I made a comment on it seems like in the last 5 years Dingle's been on a bunch of medications. I can shake a pill bottle and Dingle comes running. I said that Dingle was so good with taking his medications.

Well, last night didn't Dingle prove me wrong.

As my boyfriend was going to bed he says "why is there a pill in the bed?"

He dropped it in my hand and sure enough it was one of Dingle's Clavamox pills.

I thought "little buggar - must have spit one out" and I thew it in the garbage.

Hours later I get into bed and by my pillow is a second Clavamox pill.

I have no idea when the pills got there - sometime in the last week.

When I give Dingle the pills I watch him for a minute or so to make sure he doesn't spit them out.

On the rare occasion when he's being feisty I put the pill in the back of his mouth and gently hold his muzzle until he swallows.

Yet somehow Dingle has managed to secretly hide away the pills, without swallowing them, until I turn my back (or he runs away)... when he then proceeds to spit them in my bed.

Oh Dingle.

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