Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cold Weather

It's been very cold lately and Dingle hates the cold.

The other morning I took him out to go to the washroom and he pooped, but got too cold before he was able to pee. I kept encouraging him to go pee, but he just stood there staring at me, on two legs (because his paws were cold), half leaning on a snowbank for support.

Dingle's paws get very cold from the snow and sore from the salt. We've tried boots (at least 3 pairs that I can remember), but he refuses to walk... so it's a lose-lose situation.

I end up carrying Dingle back to the building a lot.

We don't have the heat on in our apartment because it's soooo hot in here.

The digital thermostat says 80 degrees. 78 if we have the livingroom window open (which we do often). The ventilation in here is so bad... while the rest of the apartment is sweltering the bedroom is cold (not cold enough that we use a little portable heater, though).

Dingle likes to snuggle up in our bed and keep warm, especially lately when it's been extra cold in the mornings:

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