Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lots of Stuff, Including Eye Vet Visit

It goes without saying that I'm very crappy at updating this damn blog. 99% of the time I forget it exists.

But anyways, let's say lots in this entry to make up for lack of regular updates.

Eye Visit:

(This update copied from Dingle's website):

On May 31st Dingle had his appointment at Forest Hill. Yes, we made it a whole year without any eye issues. I couldn't believe it.

The vet said that Dingle's vision probably has decreased slightly.

I feel like that statement was based largely on what I said about how I had noticed Dingle struggling at night (or low light places) in unfamiliar 'territory'.

For example, we moved our bedroom furniture around a few weeks ago and one afternoon I decided to take a nap with Dingle and seemed to just stand in the spot I put him, unsure of where to go. We have room darkening blinds (I work overnights) and so it is quite dark in our room during the day. At first I was confused about why he wasn't going under the bed (where he likes to sleep) or to his dog bed and then I clued in that it was likely because he couldn't see where he was going. I felt really, really bad for him and decided to not have him nap with me. When I woke up I brought Dingle into the room, turned the lights on and let him familiarize himself with the new layout. Now he's fine.

Anyways... I told the vet that I had noticed some difficulty lately and I'm not so sure that Dingle's vision is necessarily all that worse... I think that going off my description of Dingle is sort of problematic. Why? Well, I'd say that up until recently I was still in denial about Dingle's PRA and the fact that he's going blind. So relying on me suddenly admitting he has difficulty wouldn't be entirely accurate in determining how well he can see.

But of course they didn't rely totally on me - he was examined and Dingle does still have his limited blood flow to the retina... which means that he still can see (I knew that... and that's not denial talking).

The vet said that the rest of his eye looks good... healthy, etc. And he said that maybe we will get lucky and only the rods (and not the cones) will stop functioning... and maybe he will retain vision in the day.

I'd like to say I'll cross my fingers, but then again I don't want to get my hopes up and then start all over again with the whole denial thing if I notice him having difficulty in the day also.

As things are Dingle continues to get the Tears Natural II and Cyclosporine twice a day... and we were told to check back in the winter.

Overall a pretty positive appointment. We don't get many of those. It was actually vet strange... but appreciated.


We went to Woofstock again this year - both days, like usual.

Dingle really doesn't care much about all of the dogs - he's more interested in getting attention from people.

Saturday we managed to get a few hours in before the downpour. We ran into another pom owner and her pom (that I 'know' through Facebook), which was nice.

Dingle, my boyfriend, his 2 dogs and I looked at the booths but I didn't buy anything, surprisingly. I was mainly focused on getting coupons for pet products. For the last year and a bit I've been coupon obsessed... this started after my legal battle with the pet store (and settling and having to give up being very vocal about how I hate that damn company)... it's like I needed something to fill the spare time I now had. It's amazing how much free crap you get can with coupons... but that's a whole other topic, not for this blog.

While looking for coupons and freebies I was very disappointed to discover that the Ceaser booths weren't there this year. I would always collect the food and treats for local shelters. When it did start raining that's when we decided it was time to get the heck out of there.

Sunday the weather was a lot nicer... which meant Woofstock was packed. I think a lot of people stayed away on Saturday because of the poor weather forecast and then came Sunday. The crowds were so bad we had difficulty walking and seeing the booths. Despite the crowds we were able to find 2 other Facebook friends and their poms. I felt like the only person who didn't have 2 poms. Damn.

I had hoped to buy Dingle a new dog bed... I decided it is time to throw out Dingle's strawberry bed because it's pretty much destroyed and Dingle no longer uses it. I had my eye on a pink and brown striped pillow bed. Then I was told that because Dingle's a boy I should go for the brown and blue. Hm. It was $60 and my sister told me not to buy it... but then of course when I left Woofstock I regretted it... and can't remember the name of the store/company that was selling it. Damn. Oh well - maybe we will see it at Winter Woofstock. Yay - I don't have to wait an entire year between Woofstocks. Speaking of which, I need to figure out the dates for that and book time off.

I really didn't take many pics this year at Woofstock. I did, however, get a lot of photos at booths... like the Beneful booths. Dingle doesn't eat Beneful... and I don't have a whole lot of positive things to say about Purina, but I wanted the photo anyways.

One of the first booths we walked past was the Kijiji one and they were doing free dog photos. I hate the Kijiji pets section - they allow for dog sales and puppy millers to post, unlike Craig's List. But I gave in and allowed them to take his photo.

Here's 2 random photos of Dingle from Woofstock... the only 2 that didn't include me (and isn't the Kijiji one so it doesn't seem like I'm supporting them by posting a pic with their logo on it):

Wouldn't Dingle make a great doggy star in The Grinch?

Dingle amongst the crowd, similing

Vet Insurance:

While at Woofstock I saw a Trupanion booth. Vet Insurance became Trupanion or something like that... I don't pay attention to specifics, like merges, name changes, etc.... all I care about is that I have a company that covers Dingle's bills.

Anyways, I was talking to the guy about how their insurance has been a life saviour for me, but I was worried about reaching the $20,000 maximum.

He said that very few pets do, but I'd be happy to know that they had recently changed their policies and there is now NO lifetime limit.

He told me that they were just waiting for the company merge (is that what he said, I dunno...) to take place and then they'd be informing original Vet Insurance customers of this new policy.

A few days after Woofstock I got the Email confirming that the $20,000 lifetime limit is gone. Woo hoo!

I really, really recommend Vet Insurnace (Trupanion). They have covered every single 'issue' that Dingle has had... surgeries, meds, eye infections, parasites, coughs, colds, everything. Their company doesn't penalize you for making claims like other companies do - they always cover the 90%. 2 of my neighbours have different companies and their coverage was cut to like 50% for making claims. I'm glad VI doesn't do that or I'd be screwed.

If you sign up for Trupanion please say that Dinglehopper's owner referred you!