Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need a shelter/rescue in the GTA - To donate dog/cat food to

So, I'm hoping to get some feedback. Not sure if I will or not since nobody reads my blog, but anyways...

Lately I've become obsessed with coupons.

Gimme a break. I work overnights. Yes, 99% of my days (and by that I mean nights) are damn busy. But when the nights are slow, it gets boring.

You can only look at Facebook so much and wonder "why is so-and-so not playing their move on Lexulous". Duh, it's 4am and everyone is sleeping, but you... sucker.

When I'm bored I help to pass the time by looking online for samples and coupons.

Now that you have had that bit of background...

Getting to the point: In the last week alone I have gotten a ton of dog food, that I can't use.

The first 3 bags are of Proplan Selects puppy food. PetSmart had a sale on where the puppy food (and apparently all Proplan Selects earlier in the month) was $8.99 for a 5 pound bag. I had 3 coupons for $7.50 off. So for just over $5 including tax I got 3, 5 pound bags of dog food.

Dingle can't eat them, neither can my boyfriends 2 dogs, because they aren't puppies.

Then today/yesterday I've managed to get about 4, 2.5 lb bags (and 1, 3 lb bag) of Royal Canin Yorkie food. For free... again, from coupons. I was told that the 'mixture' or what have you, of the Yorkie formula is very similar to that of the other breeds... and general Royal Canin food. One person said I should feed Dingle it... but I don't think I will.

In less than a week I've accumulated about 25 pounds of dog food (and 4 cans of cat food) for (again) just over $5. I mean it's not necessarily the *best* pet food out there, but it is food nonetheless.

My plan is to keep accumulating for a while (since the food doesn't expire for at least another year) and then donate it. I'm looking for shelter suggestions or rescue suggestions.

I thought about giving it to people hard hit by the recession, or seniors on a tight budget... people who might be having a really hard time providing for their pets. The problem is that I don't want to post this on Craig's List (or anywhere similar) because it would be hard to verify the legitamacy of the *need* and I don't know anyone in my apartment building/neighbourhood that could use it. Therefore I'm looking for a rescue or shelter.

I really want to give it to an organization that needs it - that may not get a lot of other donations. Somewhere that will truly appreciate it. I've donated stuff before to a larger organization and they didn't seem to appreciate it... just got told to toss it "over there" and someone would get to it eventually.

The problem: the place I give it to needs to be downtown, easily accessable by TTC. I don't drive, so I'll be lugging all the crap on the TTC.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Sleeping in the same bed as a dog that smells like Ketchup is gross.

It seems like I only have time to write in this blog when I'm at work... when it's a quiet night and I have some 'down' time.

What's new in the world of Dingle? He stinks like Ketchup.

I like Ketchup.

I like Pomeranians...

...but together, it's gross.

I came home from work this morning and Dingle decided that he wanted to sleep in the bed.

Usually Dingle wants to sleep anywhere but our bed (or in any of his 4 beds for that matter...)

Dingle will sleep half-under the bed... with his ass hanging out (ignore my boyfriend's mess there)

Or if he's lucky he'll tunnel his way underneath the bed... like in this picture where he's behind my boyfriend's pajama pants, beside the wall and in front of the storage bins.

Note: I think he likes to sleep under there because of his failing vision. The vet believes he has little vision at night... so I think Dingle may want to sleep under there because he feels safe and protected.

When he's not under the bed he's usually on the hardwood floor. Geeze Ding, you have so many beds, but you choose the floor.

Anyways, today he was in the bed and all I could smell was ketchup.


Well on Earth Day we went downtown to get our free Brita pitcher (they were handing them out... to get people to stop using bottled water).

My boyfriend and I took 2 of the dogs with us, for a little outing. While in the awful, awful long line (I don't think I'd do it again) my boyfriend had a hot dog - which was loaded with ketchup, mayo, onions, etc.

Well, before my boyfriend finished the hot dog, a huge drop of ketchup fell... right onto Dinglehopper who was sitting underneath him.

The pug/bulldog that was with us didn't seem interested in licking it out of his fur. I found this crazy, because that dog eats/licks anything. Literally... anything, don't get me started on that one.

I wiped it out as best as I could, but it was like the ketchup got lost in a maze of fluffy pom hair.

When I got home Dingle had a spot wash... so he's clean, but the ketchup smell continues to linger.

Of course this all happened only 1 week after his $60 grooming.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What has Dingle's puppy miller been up to the last 3 years?

A few years ago, when I first got Dinglehopper I learned, thanks to people at, how to request United States Department of Agriculture reports on Dingle's breeder and broker.

You are only able to request the documents for a 3 year period - so back then I requested them from July 2003-July 2006. They showed information such as how many dogs she bought in a 1 (business) year period, how many she sold, the total gross dollar amount from sales, etc.

On March 14th I requested them again - from July 2006-March 2009. They came today - super fast - last time I ordered them they took months. Though the Hunte Corporation ones (which I also requested March 14th) will take forever.

Let's see what Dingle's breeder was up to:

Before we begin, this isn't confidential information - it's all available through the Freedom of Information Act... all you have to do is request it.

So, on her March 2006 application for license she states that she purchase 13 dogs in the last business year and sold 103. The "total gross dollar amount derived from regulated activities (sales, booking fees, commissions, etc." was $23,186.15 (USD).

All she had to do is submit that information and a $235.00 renewal fee and boom, she's back in puppy mill business for another year.

Let's see what the following year had to bring: Her April 2007 application said she purchased (likely from the miller down the road) 26 dogs and sold 139. Slight increase. Money wise I'm happy to report that she made less - $22,690.38. Okay, maybe not all that much less.

Oh wait, what's this? She had an inspection on April 17th 2007 and she was in violation. Here's some of what it says:

"In the refrigerator in the main dog building West of the house, the following medications were found to be out of date. 1. One bottle of injectible Oxytocin, expired on 3/03. 2. One bottle of injectible Penecillin, expired in April 2006. All expired medications, which may no longer be effective or potentially harmful if given to the dogs, must be properly labelled, separated or discarded in a timely manner to prevent their accidental usage".

Hm. March 2003 the Oxytocin expired? Christ lady that was 4 years ago!

Luckily for Mrs. puppy miller she still got to keep her license and it was renewed the following year.

Let's check out May 2008's application:

She only bought 9 dogs. Oh, but wait, she sold 149. I wonder how many of those were fucked up? Bet there's a portion of them with luxating patellas and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. That business year she made $26,974.85.

She's due to submit a renewal application any time... should have held off on my request so I could have seen that one as well. I'll just request it in a few months, I guess. Does the recession hit puppy millers?

I hate this woman - even more so when a few years ago the Companion Animal Protection Society sent an undercover investigator out to her place and got hidden footage. I got to actually see the Amish puppy miller that she is. I heard the dogs barking non-stop and saw them in their chicken coops, pacing back and fourth going crazy.


Since I got Dinglehopper I've thought about writing her a letter or calling her (I've had her phone number in my cell for years)... but I didn't know what approach to take: the "fuck you, you puppy miller" approach or to pretend I had no idea she was evil and take a "As a reputable breeder I thought you'd like to know how one of your puppies is doing".


So, if anyone has a pet shop puppy from the USA and wants to trace it's origin here's what you do:

Send an EMail to and say something like this:

" I would like to request all USDA inspection reports on the following individuals: (breeder USDA licence number, individual name, business name, address). Please include all information available under the Freedom of Information Act, including actual inspections, pictures, correspondences, administrative actions, warnings, or any other information available. I'd like to request this information for the following time period - (3 year period)"

Make sure to include your address. You can also submit this request through their website, but it was down when I requested them this year.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I work overnights as a social worker... and I'm very lucky that Dinglehopper loves to sleep.

He'll sleep all night with my boyfriend. When I get home in the morning he'll go outside for a very brief walk, will do his 'business' and we'll head back inside.

Once inside he'll get his 'dinner'... and I'll have to sit next to him for the next 20 minutes while he slowly pecks away at his food.

He needs lots of encouragement, so to speak, at times... how long does it take to eat 1/3 of a cup of food? In Dingle's world a long time. I'd leave him to eat on his own but he'd starve... because my boyfriend's dogs (pug mixes, huge pigs) would eat it all.

So it comes down to "Dingle... eat your dinner"

(5 minutes pass)

"DINGLE... dinner!"

(Dingle picks up a kibble and holds it in his mouth for a few seconds)

(Dingle spits it out and looks at it)

(Then he picks the kibble back up and bites it in half)

(Out come both halves... Dingle sniffs both and eventually picks one half up and eats it)


and we continue that way for a long period of time and then its bed time.

I know Dingle is really attached to me and loves me, but someone explain to me why that requires him to curl up on the pillow beside me, with his butt hole mere inches from my face. Ew.

Okay, insert jokes here about Dinglehopper's "dingleberries"... for the record, no, he doesn't have them. If he gets 'messy' he gets a bath, pronto. He also gets groomed fairly regularly to keep his butt hair under control.

Anyways... luckily he eventually decides that it's more fun to sleep under the bed... tucked away in behind the under-the-bed storage containers.

Before work tonight I gave the dogs a cookie and as I was leaving said "be good Dingle" (translation don't piss on the leg of the coffee table)

2 seconds later he looks at me, starts marking a wretching sound and barfs up a multigrain pasta noodle and then goes back to staring at me. Where he got that noodle, who knows. Suprisingly the cookie he had just eaten stayed down...

I'm still at work... but am hoping that the puked up pasta wasn't a sign of more 'fun' Dingle had in store for me... maybe it was his way of saying "Screw you... don't work, stay home with me".

Sorry Dinglehopper - vet visits, leg surgeries, etc. aren't free... the money has to come from somewhere...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Basic Summary of Dinglehopper's Life.

Okay, where to start...

This blog will be about Dinglehopper - my 3.5 year old Pomeranian Puppy.

Dinglehopper was born, supposedly, on September 8th, 2005. He was born in an Amish Puppy Mill in Missouri. Versailles, to be a little more specific.

Dinglehopper was sold to the Hunte Corporation - a Corporation that buys from backyard breeders, puppy millers, etc. and resells these dogs to pet stores.

After spending some time (which was probably just awful) at the Hunte Corporation Dingle was shoved in a Mac Truck and shipped off to Canada - to a pet store that sold him for an outrageous price.

I supported puppy mills and the stupid Hunte Corporation by buying Dingle. I live with that guilt each and every day.

Dingle is a health/genetic nightmare. The health problems are endless and include 3 surgeries for luxating patellas, Giaradia, respiratory infections, "dry eye", Progressive Retinal Atrophy (going blind at 3 years old), yada, yada, yada.

I have a website for Dingle. It is

You can read all about Dinglehopper there and follow his ongoing health problems.

This blog will talk a bit about that, but will mostly include day to day stuff about Dinglehopper - stuff that might not otherwise fit on Dinglehopper's website... this blog will contain sarcasm, the occasional swear word and blah, blah. Don't like that? Well, this isn't the blog for you.