Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dingle and His Pitbull Friend

Dingle and one of his bestest friends, Lexi.

Unfortunately they can not be boyfriend and girlfriend as Sasso, my boyfriend's pug/beagle, has already spoken for her.

Dingle is content with being friend's only.

Lexi is one of the nicest, most well behaved dogs I know and it's awful that people sometimes judge her instantly because of the fact that she is a pitbull.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Think Dingle's Eyesight is Getting Worse

As much as I'd like to be in denial (still, a year and a half after the Progressive Retainal Atrophy diagnosis) about Dinglehopper going blind, I can't.

The last little while I have noticed things that incidate he can't see very well... luckily I think it is still only in low-light situations.

Take this for example:

I work overnights and this morning I went into the bedroom at 6:30am to get Dingle to take him outside. We have room darkening blinds on our windows and so it is quite dark in there... not pitch black, though.

I only open the door a crack, in an effort to not wake up my boyfriend and usually this is no problem. However today I guess Dingle could see how far the door was open (despite there being a nightlight in the hall outside our door) and he ended up walking into the door. He wasn't phased or hurt and so he tried again - but was actually trapped behind the door (between the door and the wall) and couldn't figure his way out... and kept on trying. Of course I went in and grabbed him and then I just sat at the top of the stairs holding him, feeling sorry for him and wondering what the future has in store for him...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dog Food Donations

I was cleaning up my computer tonight and found some photos from last year, when I made a donation (of dog/puppy food) to the Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue in Hamilton.

Dingle sure seemed happy to sit in the picture - perhaps he thought this food was for him. Ha ha.

The actual donations to the PSBR was more than 3x what you see in the picture and it cost me under $0.99 a bag - thanks to awesome sales at PetSmart and coupons. If only that sale would come back.

Since then I have made regular donations of pet food - to the SPCA, Humane Society, etc. and will continue to do so.

I really screwed up in getting Dingle from a pet store. By getting him from a pet store I supported a puppy mill and contributed to the suffering of dogs and puppies. Now I want to do anything I can to better the lives of dogs/pups... and sort of 'right' that 'wrong'.