Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dingle's Annual Check-Up

Dingle had his annual check-up on Tuesday evening.

About 15 minutes and $200.02 later, Dingle was given a clean bill of health... well, aside from all his 'pre-existing issues'... like the PRA, KCS, Luxating Patellas. So, I guess we'll just say he has no new problems, currently.

The vet actually commented on how good he was looking - his eyes especially - no tear stains, ick, etc. Yay (maybe we will make it a year between Forest Hill appointments).
Dingle is 4.3kg.
4.3kg x 2.2 = 9.46 pounds.
Sorry Dingle, you won't be in any CKC or AKC shows... you don't meet the standards for the weight class... plus you're neutered... plus you are a genetic mess, overall. But I love you.

The vet also said that for whatever reason Dingle seemed to look younger that night.

Maybe because he had a haircut the same day.

My boyfriend always says that Dinglehopper looks like a shrub after his haircuts... does this look like a shrub:

That picture isn't from his most recent haircut, but essentially he looks like same.
Shrub? Maybe (yeah, I can kind of see it), maybe not. But he's definitely a tired dog that prefers the hardwood floor over his beds.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dingle's Annual Check-Up is Approaching...

In just over 2 week's Dingle has his annual vet check-up at the Downtown Animal Hospital.

Yup, time for his shots - he's due for all of them this year.

Any guesses on what ailment, condition, diagnosis will pop up at this appointment?

My fingers are crossed that there is nothing, but given his track record... well, yeah.

Random Dingle picture: him sleeping in my bed, on my boyfriend's pillow, while my boyfriend was out of town visiting family: