Friday, February 5, 2010

Dingle has chipped a tooth.

Tonight I was brushing Dinglehopper's teeth and noticed that he chipped a tooth. It's one of his pro-molars and the tip/point of it has broken off.

Immediately after seeing that I was tempted to call the vet and book an appointment... but the 5 people that were over at my house stopped me.

They said it doesn't look that bad, compared to the other one.

Dingle is eating okay and I don't even know when it would have happened.

He had a dental in September... so sometime between September and now.

He had a check-up a few weeks ago and the vet looked at his teeth quickly (as his mouth is gross again already)... but not in the back.

Hm... do I spent $70 to have the vet likely tell me it's alright... or do I wait? My sister says to only go in about it if he stops eating.

Dingle has an eye vet appointment in May. That vet can't see us for problems that are not eye related (something about a contract or by-law or something) because it was a referral from my vet, but I'm hoping if we don't go in before then he'll at least look at the tooth and tell me if we should go in for an appointment specifically about that.

Ugh... I'm stressed... but I know I tend to jump the gun and make sometimes unnecessary vet appointments.