Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Liver Issues Continue. Next Step: An Ultrasound and (perhaps) a Liver Biopsy!

Last week we got the results from Dinglehopper's most recent liver tests. While his ALT and enzymes were within normal ranges, his bile acid levels (pre and post) are not. They aren't crazy high, but they aren't normal. The vet wanted to consult with a specialist and get back to me on what the next step was.

On Tuesday night Razzleberry had an appointment at the vet for her third and final set of boosters. Here she is chilling out, waiting for the vet:

Though the appointment was for Razzle, we spent most of the time talking about Dinglehopper as the vet had consulted with the specialists.

Our plan is for Dingle to see an internal medicine specialist at the VEC.

Yes, back to the VEC - where Dinglehopper had his luxating patella surgeries and was seen for various other issues when his normal vets were closed.

The specialist Dingle's vet spoke to said that we should do an abdominal ultrasound - to look for vascular problems within the liver. We also may be doing a liver biopsy, which would require a clotting profile prior to it. Poor Dingle. I hope that they can see enough on the ultrasound so that he doesn't have to be put under anesthesia for the biopsy and have to deal with the risks associated with that.

The vet said that while these tests may be expensive (I can only imagine - any guesses as to what the total bill will be?) in the long run it will probably be cheaper than doing the liver tests (which run about $300) every few months to monitor the bile acids. True.

I'm really hoping that there isn't anything really major going on with Dingle. I hope that we just have to do a diet change or monitor him occasionally.

Our appointment is next week - Tuesday the 17th.

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